Ad Summary:
  • Username: Reksof
  • Price: 1172441.37 Algerian dinar per 1 BTC
  • Exchange rate USD-DZD: 129.07 DZD
  • Location: Chlef, Algeria
  • Currency: Algerian dinar
  • Payment Type: ECCP - AlgĂ©rie Poste
  • Trade Limit: 100 - 1000
  • User Term: I buy US dollars and replace it with Algerian dinars ..I don't sell bitcoin ...Anyone who wants to double his bitcoin can send bitcoin but the value should be more than 20 USD.Or he can send dollar or euro to my wallet Payeer P1015969944 Or bitcoin 36NZJBJ9wZ5478AdPxiEJAnemYyTCc6TkY Important to be more than 20 USD And who wants to sell the US dollar or the euro or Bitcoinor Ethereum or litecoin He can send the currency in his possession and then send the amount to be transferred to your account in Algeria Post .. Important note I do not sell Bitcoin, but I buy digital currencies against the Algerian dinar .. Anyone who wants to double his cryptocurrency will double it for free in just three hours
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